Port of Seattle Current and Future Business Opportunities

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Port of Seattle Current and Future Business Opportunities

Please see the attached Port of Seattle listing of future opportunities . “Current” business opportunities are found in the Port of Seattle Procurement Management System (PRMS) located at Port of Seattle Bids

Please note the Contracting-Opportunities page is frequently updated , you are encouraged to visit the site periodically.

Doing business with the Port of Seattle

Are you registered on the port’s Procurement and Roster Management System (PRMS)?

The port’s PRMS identifies procurement opportunities and houses the small works, consultant, and goods and services roster.

If you are interested in a particular procurement please register on PRMS and add yourself as a plan holder to the procurement. As a plan holder you will receive addenda and announcements related to the particular procurement.

The port places public notice for competitive procurements in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce at djc.com and/or in the Port’s Procurement and Roster Management System (PRMS).

To sign up on PRMS visit: http://www.portseattle.org/Business/Contracting-Opportunities/Pages/default.aspx. Please see the attached PRMS registration instructions for additional information.

Small Business Program

Small businesses are a critical part of creating economic vitality in the region. As a part of the Ports Century Agenda objectives, we are working to increase the proportion of funds spent by the Port with qualified small business firms on construction, consulting, and goods and services to forty (40) percent of the eligible dollars spent. To learn more about the Ports Small Business Program please visit the Office of Social Responsibility website located at http://www.portseattle.org/About/Organization/Pages/Small_Business.aspx


Contact us at PRMS-Help@portseattle.org regarding the PRMS system.

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