KLLM Transport Recruits Through Jobs for Jacksonians on Nov. 19


KLLM Transport Recruits Through Jobs for Jacksonians on Nov. 19

The Jobs for Jacksonians program will hold a recruiting session Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 10 a.m. in the conference room of the Department of Human and Cultural Services at the Metrocenter Mall. KLLM Transport Services will recruit applicants interested in earning a commercial driver’s license for truck driving. The training will be free, and those who complete the program are hired.

The sessions provide participants in the program with immediate access to job opportunities. Each month, major companies are invited for the purpose of interviewing and potentially hiring prospective candidates.

Jobs for Jacksonians is an initiative created to provide accessible information on employment opportunities for City of Jackson residents. For job seekers, this program offers an array of services and training op portunities to assist participants.

In addition to the recruiting sessions, the program offers job readiness workshops, job search and placement assistance and an annual job fair. Other services, such as assistance with writing a professional resume, leadership and professional development and interviewing improvement techniques, are also available.

For more information, contact Jonathan Barnett, 601-960-0377.